Sample Projekt

The task:

Production of a customer part made of aluminum with tight tolerances. The workpiece dimensions are 30 x 70 x 105 mm. The milled mating dimensions of front and back must be concentric with a tolerance of 0.02mm to each other.
After implementation of the project, more than 10,000 pieces have been manufactured with our robotic system

  • View - Front
  • View - Back
  • View - Isometric
  • View - Left
  • View - Right

Production elements:
Cylinder D23.1 + 0.03/+0; Width dimensions: 30 + 0/-0.1; 70 +0.1/0
Fitting dimensions with H7 tolerance: 4, 10, 17.5 18; Thread: M2, M3, M5, M8
Furthermore, it was manufactured exclusively in the fine tolerance field.

Robot loading:
The workpiece is clamped on a pallet in the clamping device and is fully automatically loaded into the machining center. Working shifts without personnel are possible.

The customer part is manufactured on a 5-axis machining center. Before machining, the correct zero point in the machine is determined first.

Quality control:
All relevant dimensions of the production part are measured completely on a 3D measuring machine. The measurement results are taken into account in the production. Tool wear is compensated and tool breakage prevented.

Series production:
Each part is within the required tolerances and can now be delivered.